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She is born…

10 Feb

This is just the beginning, the rough draft of all rough drafts of the story as i can only tell it through her eyes.

Chapter One

The smell of charred flesh spread across the lab on the wing of a raging storm. My body burned all over, but no pain could compare with the searing electro shock pulsating in my chest.

These were my very first conscious memories. The rasping screams filling the night seemed to come from a distant source, causing me to think I wasn’t the only one in this predicament. The continued endless screams succeeded in drowning out all other noise. My body convulsed as a sudden downpour of slick, clear liquid covered me. The instant cooling sensation brought on uncontrollable shivers as my body began to go into shock.

The memories chose that moment to crash into me.

A stranger’s marred face.

His rough, corded fingers wrapped around my throat. Blood trickled down his cheek as I scratched his face. “By God, I would leave my mark on him if I am to die by his hands” I silently swore. His skin under my nails felt thick and scaly; snakelike. As if he were more monster than man.

I struggled and sputtered as the strange black spots began to flood my vision. My lungs clenched with the desperate need for air. I thought his plan was rape, but as my strength dissipated, I became certain he was sent to me with one vital mission; to end my existence. But this monster had his own personal pleasures to consider. And so I watched as his cloudy eyes revealed his sheer delight in the release of my soul.

“Oh merciful god, will you allow your faithful servant to end in such a horrific manor?” I prayed as the blackness sucked me under.



The warm liquid lapped at my skin as I floated in the cavernous pool. There was no light. No sound. Only the smell of earth, rich and fertile, and the soft coppery unknown scent that sparked my mind and senses into function.

I wiggled my fingers and spread my toes as my mind began to process my surroundings. I was alive, that I knew for sure. Yet, for some mysterious reason, I also knew it hadn’t been the first time for that.

As I contemplated my situation, the basic questions began to form:
1. Am I truly Alive? Or is this all a lie?
2. What’s happened to me?
3. Where am I?
4. Who am I?

I turned my head as a tiny bobbing light in the top corner f the room began to descend and grow larger. I watched, half of my face submerged, the other staring wearily at the glowing orb that now showed a slick stone wall and a rough hewn staircase leading god only knows where.

“When will she be ready father?” the guttural voice whispered anxiously, the sound bouncing down the stairs and off the walls.

“You must give her time, my son. She will need to re-learn everything. I know not what her mind retained through such a traumatic experience. He sighed as the orb came closer. “Apparently you, my son, were a true gift from heaven. Luck shined down on me the night you were born. I had not nearly the amount of problems with you as I have with her. Let us hope that this last attempt succeeded in the regeneration. I cannot bare to think of another young woman’s life being lost due to our needs.”

The light spread across the walls, showing a stone cavern with a sunken spring in the earth. But it was not filled with water, for that I was sure of. I did not know why I was so sure. I had nothing but instincts to rely on and had no reason to doubt them. I could only trust that they would not lead me astray. I could see the middle aged man as he rounded the bend of the stairway and came to a stop on the last step.

“Damn.” He muttered as he turned and faced whatever waited as the top of the stairs. “Fetch me my gloves, son.”

I watched in silence as he held up the shining glass orb by a dark handle in front of him as he made his way further into the room. He stopped at an orb mounted to the nearest wall and pulled out a long, thin reed. He stuck it into the glowing light of the orb in his hand, only to pull it out and spread the light to the mounted orb on the wall.


The single word sprang into my mind as he went around the vast room, lighting others mounted on the walls in strategic spots. He doddered around the room, ignoring the spring in the center. I watched him for quite a while as he went from a table to a desk, back and forth, conducting small tests and making notes. He grumbled to himself as he waited for his gloves.

Where was this son of his? I thought to myself as he held up a strange dripping red chunk to the light for him to examine.




More words flew through my mind as I watched out of one eye, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. I marveled at the light reflecting on the liquid around me, leaving my skinn tinged in coppers and pinks. It swirled around me in a translucent almost soupy consistency with ever minute move I made. I loved it. I reveled in the coolness of the pool. Not too cold, not harsh on the nerves. Just cool enough to make me feel comfortable on a hot summer day.


Sitting on father’s rocking chair on the porch, as the boys swam in the pond before me. smiling and laughing as they splashed each other and called out to me. “Come woman! Come swim with us!” they hollered their young virile bodies glistening in the sun. they were just out of their boyhood years, young men always getting into trouble.

“That’s improper as well you know, Methias!”

The memory snapped shut like a steel trap, leaving me in a labyrinth of my own thoughts. I was so lost in my own turbulent mind, that I had not noticed the doctor wander toward the pool. He stood, kneeling close, watching me watch him.

“I see you are awake, my dear.” He rocked back a bit, looking curious. “You seem much better today. We may do a few tests today.” He stood and wandered back to the desk, sat and took some more notes.

He acknowledged me. my mind spun as I turned slowly and floated onto my back. I waited. He’d mentioned tests and for my heart had begun to pound. What did he mean by tests? What was I?

In the time I waited in the pool for him, I began to move my limbs. I found them tight, rigor. I bent my left leg at the knee, stretching the skin until it suddenly gave. There was no sound but…

*** and that is where i ended off.. i have more.. but it will have to wait. :p

goodnight for now.