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Random Love

9 Oct

It’s just one of those things, ya know?
Like rain on an important day.
Or not being able to find your keys when your late.

I just… I just missed the train.
And there he was.

I didn’t understand, at first.
He was so… so unattainable.
He was beautiful.
My mind refused to wrap itself around the idea that he may have noticed me too. How could he not, though? I stared at him, slack jawed like a confused fan. I didn’t know whether I should run for his autograph, or run screaming for my life.

I didn’t know any better.

Sometimes that happens, ya know?
Like bumping into a hot iron.
Or taking a turn too fast on the road.

I was ignorant. I fell like a tree chopped at the ankles.

He was everything.
He was light and strength and glorified sex in dark denim jeans and a ridiculous plaid sport coat. He seemed cold, his scarf, too thin.

I stared for 10 minutes straight when the next train pulled up and I shook myself.

It was like Fate, ya know?
Like walking up to the cab stop to find a cab waiting for you.
Or finding that missing ring in the spot that you looked a million times before on the night you needed to wear it.

I never saw it coming.

I was blind. I didn’t catch on until my world was burning down around me.
I sat in the corner of the traincar as people piled on. It’s like they brought the fog in with them. Everything was just so cloudy. I stared at the book in front of me, not really seeing the words. we hit a turn and the body standing in front of me leaned in.

His ridiculous plaid coat brushed my book and I looked up.

He smiled down at me.

I never made it home.

It was one of those things, ya know?
Like the kind of love you would fight for.
Or the kind of love you would die for…