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31 Oct
#NANOWRIMO  starts tomorrow. I never plan. I never plot. I flex the imagination a day or two before and then let my mind run wild. NANO isn’t about plotting or perfection. It despises the editing process. It’s all about freewriting and letting the imagination burn with new ideas.
My wrimo nickname is rockmybobbysocks Please feel free to find me and add me. For tomorrow… Tomorrow it begins.

“What is it you want?”
“To be free.”
“Free from what?”
“From them.” Dani pointed out of the dusty, stained window of the apothecary shop. Her family stood at the edge of an apple cart, her brother younger by only a year, pocketing apples, while her mother and father argue with the vendor.

“Are you sure? Once you do this, there is no going back” Magda held the small green bottle tight between her gnarled thumb and forefinger. The bottle glistened in the light of the candles placed strategically around the shop. each corner lit to mark like a compass. They stood at North.

“I can’t take it anymore. They won’t let me go. The pain is too much. I do everything they ask of me in the hopes that it will change.”

“There are other ways, child. I know what your father and brother do to you. I know what your mother allows. they can be punished. Why not go to the law?”

“It’s not enough. I want a guarantee. We are of noble blood. There is no justice for the bastard daughter being used in such a way.”

Magda snatched the bottle before it could slip into Dani’s hands and held it tight to her bosom. “I warn you child, ingest the contents of this bottle and you cross the line between good and evil. There is no place for your soul. You will wander for the rest of your life, poison to all mankind.”

“My life is over. What am I fit for? I fear I will end up birthing an incestuous bastard child of my father’s or brother’s. What will I do then? With an evil deformed child of incest!? Will you take that child, Magda!? What if it happens? What will i do? I’ll die! The child would be damned.”

“I see. So you do have a fear that is worse than your own fate.” Magda took the small pieces of copper from Dani and handed her the bottle. “Ingest it now so I may know that you do not slip it to another.”

Dani took the bottle in her shaking hands, took a deep breath and popped the small cork. She downed the hot, tart liquid and winced as it burned fire down her throat.

“Here.” Magda handed her a cold earthenware mug. “Drink this. It will sooth the burn.”

Dani drank the strangely sweet milk in one gulp and sighed at the peacefulness that overcame her. She swayed a moment as her mind became fuzzy.

Where am I? were we not at North?

She opened her eyes to Magda across the room, at the northern candle, only to find herself at the southern candle, hand in flame.

“It is done. Flames will never burn you. Ice will never blacken your soul. For your soul is now the blackest of black. And always remember, you are the poison of god. You are the cleanse. Any man whom you are intimate with, will face the consequences of their actions.”

“Magda, what have I done?”

“You have changed the eternal thread of your destiny. Your world is now distorted. Be wise with your choices, child. And do not forget the opium for your father. He will be quite remiss if you do.”

Dani picked up the small satchel next to the door and forced herself to stop shaking.


Tonight it will be all over


Random Love

9 Oct

It’s just one of those things, ya know?
Like rain on an important day.
Or not being able to find your keys when your late.

I just… I just missed the train.
And there he was.

I didn’t understand, at first.
He was so… so unattainable.
He was beautiful.
My mind refused to wrap itself around the idea that he may have noticed me too. How could he not, though? I stared at him, slack jawed like a confused fan. I didn’t know whether I should run for his autograph, or run screaming for my life.

I didn’t know any better.

Sometimes that happens, ya know?
Like bumping into a hot iron.
Or taking a turn too fast on the road.

I was ignorant. I fell like a tree chopped at the ankles.

He was everything.
He was light and strength and glorified sex in dark denim jeans and a ridiculous plaid sport coat. He seemed cold, his scarf, too thin.

I stared for 10 minutes straight when the next train pulled up and I shook myself.

It was like Fate, ya know?
Like walking up to the cab stop to find a cab waiting for you.
Or finding that missing ring in the spot that you looked a million times before on the night you needed to wear it.

I never saw it coming.

I was blind. I didn’t catch on until my world was burning down around me.
I sat in the corner of the traincar as people piled on. It’s like they brought the fog in with them. Everything was just so cloudy. I stared at the book in front of me, not really seeing the words. we hit a turn and the body standing in front of me leaned in.

His ridiculous plaid coat brushed my book and I looked up.

He smiled down at me.

I never made it home.

It was one of those things, ya know?
Like the kind of love you would fight for.
Or the kind of love you would die for…