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Nanowrimo 2010

4 Nov

So this year I’m using NANOWRIMO as a way to actually finish a novel. I’m thinking this might actually work as its a complete challenge and I love challenges.

Last year I didn’t succeed due to a move and alot of stress … and well let’s face it, excuses.

This year I don’t actually have that ability. NO EXCUSES! the story I’m working on is just way too important to let god. Its not just the main character that is haunting me this time, its the world.

I wrote an entire plot idea here but decided for safety’s sake it probably isn’t a wise idea. Sooo you’ll just have to see. I have three fantastic friends who are reading as i write and so far good reviews. I trust them to be brutally honest when it could be crap vs captivating. we’ll see. all i know is i am dying to find out what happens to this girl and if I can just make it a single story about her while thing about another character I may get to spin off with, without making it a sequel! we’ll see.

I have to sleep I’m late and very tired. too much writing working and being broke.