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Dead Sexy Chapter 1

9 Mar

Yes the entire chapter! I’ve decided to post the chapters here, as a more professionaly outlet for my writing. this is the more serious me. No! not the deep beatnick depressed me… lol *Smarmy aren’t you?* but the serious writer. my actual art. my actual life. 🙂

Alright, with out further adieu…

Dead Sexy (wip rough draft) Chapter 1

“Put down your weapons!” the cop yelled from behind his police cruiser. “Put them down NOW!”

BAM BAM BAM! The shots rang out from across the street and Adriana Sanders collapsed where she stood.

The police had just pulled up in front of the Stop N’ Go liquor store less then a minute before. It seemed the guys holding the guns and the grocery bag full of money had just robbed the place only to step out and watch in panic as the cops pulled their guns and started screaming at them. They hadn’t even hesitated and started firing onto the police.

It had started out just like any other day for Adriana, classes in the morning, stocking shelves at the small bookstore on the corner. She had been hit, while attempting to put up the new display in the window. She hadn’t been able to get out of the way in time.

“This is officer Bellows! Send an ambulance immediately! Officer down, I repeat, officer down!” Dimly, the words swam into Adriana’s brain as she stopped breathing and the world went black around her.

“It appears the victim was shot through the left atrium, causing damage to the base of the aorta as well as the top of the left ventricle.” The coroner stood over Ariana’s body on the slab as he spoke into the hanging microphone. “With the corresponding damage as well as the shock, the victim was killed instantly. The bulle… what the fuck!?”

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGG!” Adriana screamed as she sat straight up on the metal table. Her mind was chaotic and jumbled with visions of glass raining down on her and blood filling her mouth. “God no. Please let it be a dream. PLEASE!” as she looked down and saw the small forceps sticking out of a clean hole in her chest. Pain lanced through her as the small forceps fell from the hole. Her body started to heal the damage and as it did, she could feel the bullet inside her heart move.

As the bullet hole heeled she shuddered from the pull of the skin. Her muscles were re-knitting themselves. Adriana looked down just in time to see the bullet slide from her skin and the hole close. The pain had subsided and she felt she could breathe again, but when she attempted to take in a deep breath, she choked and hacked as her body rejected the air around her.

“Uhhh… did… did that just really happen?” The coroner had fallen back and scuttled into the corner of the cold room. He was shaking and stuttering with fear as he stared at Adriana. “The job’s finally getting to you Kearney. Maybe it’s time for a vacation.” He was muttering to himself as she swung her legs over the side of the metal table.

“What’s happened?”

“What the hell do you mean what’s happened? You’re dead. I should know. I pronounced you that way over an hour ago.”

“What do you mean I’m dead? I can’t be dead. I can’t!” She stumbled from the stainless steel table, onto the cold concrete floor. “Sonofa!” she cursed as her legs gave out under her and she hit the ground hard. As the silence became thick she huffed and coughed as every breath burned in her lungs.

“I… I think I need some help. Or a nap at least. I’m hallucinating about the pretty dead girl.” Kearney shook his head to clear his thoughts as he watched the girl attempt to stand again. She was beautiful and naked and … and dead!

Adriana finally managed to stand, supporting herself with the table. Every move she made caused sound of little ‘tinks’ as tiny shards of glass fell from her skin. “You. Tell me what’s happened.” She demanded of the man in the lab coat, huddled in the corner.

“Well, to the best of my knowledge, you were shot with a stray bullet from a botched robbery across the street from that little mom and pop book store that always carries the medical books I need.” His mind wandered easily as he slowly accepted his insanity.

“You’re saying I was shot? Dead?” Adriana took a few steps toward the coroner.

“Yes. It hit your heart and you bled out, dying almost instantly. I have no idea why I’m even bothering to tell you this. You’re just a figment of my imagination. Soon I’ll wake up and go apply for vacation time. Clearly, I need it.”

“Don’t patronize me. You’re not insane and I’m not dead. Shit. Just when everything was starting to go my way! Do you have any idea what this is going to do to my fiance!?” Adriana’s mind worked a mile a minute as her life’s memories worked itself through her thoughts.

“If your fiance was the short gentleman with the green corduroy jacket, then he already knows of your situation. He came down earlier and identified you.” Kearney pushed himself up the wall as he stood. He was starting to calm down, his heart had stopped pounding in his chest and he had even gotten used to talking to a dead girl in his examination room.

“Did he seem sad, or broken up at all?” Jeffrey had just asked her to marry him. He had stated the many practical reasons as to why a literary clerk should marry an accountant. Adriana was a practical girl and knew that Jeffrey was the best she was bound to find. He said he loved her and she knew that in time, she could love him too. Now, all of that was destroyed. He wouldn’t want anything to do with a girl who’s been shot let alone who was once listed as dead in any file. What the hell was she thinking?! She couldn’t be dead!

“Well, to be honest he seemed a bit numb to the whole thing, but sometimes that’s how people react to death. I’ve seen people faint, scream, panic, cry, laugh uncontrollably, and basically stare with a numb look in their eyes. Look, if my imagination is going to continue to produce things like this, I’m going to have to ask it to clothe you.”

Adriana rushed across the rooms and slammed Lab Coat Guy into the wall by his collar. Blind rage had filled her mind with all the images of hate that she had ever seen. “Listen up, I’m not a figment of your imagination and I’m not dead! Now get me the fuck out of here!” She growled in his face, not knowing or caring why she was so ready to murder an innocent man if he said the wrong thing.

He backed away from her, his middle aged heart pounding again in his chest. As she let his collar go, he slid down the wall in a daze toward the door. He kept glancing back into her eyes. They were mesmerizing black pools. The irises were actually blacker than the pupils. She had slammed him into the wall and he had started to drown in blackened void of her eyes. Now, not understanding why, he felt he needed to find something for her to wear and take her somewhere safe.

“I’ll just be a moment. Don’t move, okay? I’ll be right back.” He was rambling as he hit the swinging double doors that entered the morgue. He stopped and stared at her for a moment. She truly looked frightened as she shivered in the cold room. Her hair was a short cut to her chin with pretty china doll bangs that at the moment, stood on end. Her half of her hair was matted with her own blood. It had coated her skin and now flaked in spots.

“Please, hurry.” She said.

“By the way, I’m Dr. Kearney Stevenpson.” He held up his hand just as she was going to speak. “Don’t bother. I know who you are. I’ll be right back.” he said and slipped through the door.

Adriana leaned against the wall haphazardly as tears streaked down her cheeks and her mind reeled with the thoughts of dying. Maybe it was a miracle. Maybe god had chosen her to come back for a reason. She remembered reading dark comics about it when she as a teenager and now maybe, just maybe she was some dark avenger with a necessity to deal with her unfinished business. As she let her mind wander she heard a soft thud.

Her head cocked to the side and she listened. Her instincts told her something was very, very wrong. She heard the scream as if it were a distant echo on a breeze that she couldn’t even feel. Slowly Adriana walked on shaky legs into the center of the room. It was stronger now. A muffled thud was coming from some unknown source. Her newly healed heart pounded as she swung her hair this way and that way, looking for the sound.


It was coming from one of many of the small square doors against the wall. She had seen enough Court TV and Cop shows to know what the door contained. There was a body in there, struggling, trying to break free. Adriana swallowed a scream as it bubbled up in her throat and threatened to escape. For a moment, just a brief moment, she forgot what she was. She stood petrified. Fear freezing her in her shaken place as she listened to the faint ear drum twisting screams.

“Oh God. I’m not alone.” she whispered as she backed away from the center of the screams and struggles. “I can’t . I can’t leave them in there. Jesus what if they are just like me?” Adriana swallowed her panic and took a step toward the door. She hissed as her hearing intensified and she heard the sounds of the woman screaming. Her voice was rasping and dry. Adriana stood in limbo only a few steps away from the door now, and listened to the woman on the other side scream and tear her nails at her steel coffin.

Suddenly, as if the woman could hear her, the screaming stopped. She lay still and sobbed, hoping someone would save her. Adriana took a deep, burning breath and called on every drop of resolve that she could muster. She stepped up to the door and grasped the handle. She tugged it down and slid the door open.

“No!” Kearney screamed as he barreled into the room. “Get away from it! It’s not like you!”

But it was too late. A bruised and battered face screamed at her and lunged just as Adriana was pulling the sliding table out from the hidden tomb. The black body bag was in tatters on the floor as the woman screamed and slammed herself into Adriana’s body. Even in a blind rage the woman fought like no champ. She had scratched at the inside of her tomb so much that there was no skin or muscle left on her fingertips. The tiny bones ripped into Adriana as she scratched at her.

Both women stopped, lying naked on the cool concrete floor by the drain. They watched the blood trickle down Adriana’s chest as she sat up and pushed at the dead woman. The woman’s eyes were clouded with almost a cataracs filmy look to them and her bruised skin was green with the changes of death. As Adriana watched her own blood, trail down her breast, the rivulet splitting into two separate streams down each side, she felt the screams in her mind again. She saw those horrific flashes of death and decay once again and her mind snapped.

The dead woman could sense the change and backed up a step as Adriana stood and shook out her short hair. Twice now, she’s had to witness her own blood flow from wounds on her body. Twice now, she’s felt the pain. “No More!” she screamed as she flew at the woman.

The woman backpedaled, showing the last remains of intelligence in her decaying mind as Adriana came at her. Adriana bum rushed her, slamming the dead woman into the wall. She twisted her in her arms and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. The other reached around and grabbed a hold of the womans chin, even as she tried to sink her teeth into Adriana’s hand.

With an audible crack, Adriana yanked the woman’s chin around, breaking the neck. The woman was stunned and slipped to her knees as Adriana let go of the body. As a growl that caused the hairs on the back of Kearney’s neck stand on end, Adriana tore the woman’s head from her shoulders and tossed it across the room. The body fell forward and the rage that plagued Adriana’s soul, leaked out of her, leaving her to back away and huddle into a ball in the corner of the room again.

Even as she cried she could hear the others. Half of the corpses in the room were mindless screaming bodies trying to tear their ways out of their steel tombs. “Please don’t let me turn into her. Please God, don’t let me turn into that.” she prayed as the realization dawned on her, that for some reason, she was different. She had died, just like all the others, and yet… she had come back just as before.

“Miss Sanders?” Dr. Kearney Stevenson hesitated in the corner as she raised her tear streaked face to her. “If you’re going to kill me and eat my brains, could we get on with it? The suspense is killing me.” His naturally brilliant mind had immediately turned to solving his dilemma of the undead girl who just killed what seemed to be a zombie in his morgue. He had tried to warn her. On his way to the uniform closet, he had seen the news report of the unknown dead rising and killing across the nation. Some type of chemical warfare or something to that effect. At the moment, CNN was debating on the terrorist factions that would claim the responsibility for the release of this murderous agent. No one seemed to have any hard facts, only the advice to hide and be well protected. He had to get her the hospital scrubs he had stolen and get Adriana Sanders out of there before she was killed … again.

“I’m not going to eat you.” Adriana sniffled as he tossed the scrubs to her and turned out of habit to let her change. “I heard her. I knew she was in there, desperate to get out. I thought she was like me.”

“It seems you are an anomaly. All of the other dead that has risen, have been mindless violent murderous creatures. You are the only one coherent enough to function as you did when you were alive.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say it was the same. I shouldn’t have been able to hear her. I can hear the others. They are in those drawers, screaming and scratching away. Can’t you hear them?” She had pulled her scubs on and was attempting to calm herself. She took deep breaths and wiped the tears that had stained her face.

Kearney stood stock still and listened. Nothing. He heard nothing at all. He shrugged at her in answer and started to put supplies into a small satchel.

“Did you see how she backed up from me when I became angry?”

“You call that angry? Hell, I call that black rage. Tomato, tomauto.” he muttered as he meticulously wrapped up instruments and tucked them away into the satchel he had brought back with him. “I think we need to get to my nephew’s house. He lives up the street and he’s the closest. He also lives in a house older than me that conveniently has a bomb shelter in it.”

“You’re joking right? I cant live in a bomb shelter. I’m Closter phobic.”

“How can you be Closter phobic? You’re legally dead. Act like it.”

“Huh?” she stared at him in confusion.

“Forget it. Let’s go. We have to get to my car safely, then from there, I can just run over anything that gets in the way.”

“You’re out of your cotton pickin’ mind, you know that right?”

“This coming from the dead girl.” Kearney said as he pulled her by her arm out of the morgue and into the silent hallway.