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17 Aug

she stood at the window while he paced the room. Her heart pounded at the idea of him pressing that gun to her head. she didnt know what it was about this man, but he scared the shit out of her and she was ashamed to admit she liked it.

She was always too demanding, dominant, strong and now he’d taken her from the casino floor and tore away at her defiance. She sweated at the idea of defying him again. Suddenly she felt his hot breath on the back of her shoulderblades.

“You have the money. I know you do. You will give me every dime you owe me or I will splatter your brains all over the las vegas strip.”

Her mind spun at his threats. She wanted to slap him, but feared he’d shoot her just to show her he meant business.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She held her breath. Dear god let him believe in the lie.

“You don’t, do you?” He pressed the barrel of his revolver into her spine and the cold steel brought goosebumps across her flesh.

“Not a word.”

“Then there’s no point in keeping you alive, is there?”

She shivered as he cocked the gun and kissed her neck just behind her ear.

“Please…” her whisper was barely audible over the blood pounding in her ears.