Vegas Baby! part 5

15 Feb

*warning… I’ve chosen to change the character’s name to Liise Fethers. Not Lethers. i hate that last name now.*

Liise stood in the center of the suite in utter awe. The room was a massive living area with beautiful prints of monet on the walls and lush carpets covering the itialian marble floors. The giant L shaped leather sofa faced a 42 inch flat screen tv hanging on the wall. Adjacent to that was a short set of stairs that led to a sunken hot tub and a wet bar.

The door to the left, was to be Mr. Holt’s private suite. It housed one massive king sized bed, an amazing bathroom fit for a king and all the amenities imaginable.  Everything was done in black and gold and the room itself had another door that lead directly into the hallway, if he chose not to cross through the common area.

The door to the right, was to be her room. Apparently when the suite was booked by the new girl, she did not bother to ask how Liise’s suite would look. Usually these suites have one amazingly massive room on one side and a much plainer room on the other, as to accomidate a rich business leader and their lowly peeon. This trip had definitely marked her as the peeon, but not according to the suite! She had the exact same suite as him, except hers was done in shades of rose, sage and gold. It was decidedly more feminine, with its warm tones, and large curtains pulled open to reveal an amazing view of the water show. soft lace hung around the inner lining as she stared in shock out of the window.

The bellhop cleared his throat and tipped him largely. Liise wanted to make it clear that they were to be treated with the utmost care, and she could only think to make sure the servants understood that with caring and generosity.

“Is it to your liking, ma’am?” the bellhop wiggled his eyebrows at her, as he unloaded her luggage into her room.

“It’s excuisite. I cannot even convey how delightful this whole experience will be for Mr. Holt. I need to make sure that we have the staff’s utmost confidence in the actions of my client. I would be sure to thank you for it.” she stared at him pointedly to make her intentions clear.

“Oh! Yes ma’am! we are a confidential team. Your trust is very important to us. Call down to the concierge office and they will be able to help you with anything you may need. Anything…” The bellhop said the last as he smiled lavasciously at her and closed the door behind him.

Liise flipped the lock on the door and ran into her room, flinging herself onto the massive bed. Her phone buzzed in her hand and she hit the little ball on the front of the blackberry to see the message she’d just received.

she had two:

“Fethers, Don’t screw this up!” from Mr. Sands and

“Take lots of pictures!” from Brea.

“I’m on it sir. The room is perfect and I am already setting up plans to intercept Mr. Holt at the airport.” She replied back to Mr. Sands, then set the phone down. She pulled out her little digital camera, and started snapping pictures. Before she knew it, an hour had past, she still couldn’t breathe from the corset and she needed to shop. But first was first. She was getting a massage.


“Welcome to the Las Vegas Spa & Salon. What can we do for you today?” the perky little blonde stood at the front desk and smiled at Liise as she peruzed the menu.

“I have no idea. I’ve been granted a chance to do a little pampering and i have a huge weekend ahead of me. I want to be presentable.”

“Hmm…” the girl eye’d her. “Ferdinand!” she yelled as a tall thin man in a billowing poet top and black leather pants.

She stood, slightly nervous, as he circled her.

“Oh… I can work with this. Unrefined beauty, ” he said with a lilting soft voice. “and junk in the trunk! oh honey if only i had curves like yours.” He grinned as Liise blushed at the unexpected attention.

“Well… I really don’t want to do too much. I can’t change too much. my boss has to be able to recognize me.” she chuckled as Ferdinand lead her behind the curtains.

He handed her a pretty terry robe and told her to strip down to nothing. She shook her head at first but lost the battle as he pushed her into the room and started to call out for help. she stripped and left her clothes hanging on hangers in the little dressing room.

He took her straight into the salon and started with her hair. He spread sweet and earthy smelling shampoo throughout her hair and she practically moaned as he massaged her scalp. He rinsed and then lathered her head full of deep conditioner, wrapping it into a heated towel and moving her into a small room.

“Lie on the table.” he ordered, all of his kindness seeped away. She did as she was told and watched as a smiling woman with a long blond braid walked in with a rolling cart of strange pastes and such.

“What’s this?” Liise asked.

“Rejuvinating mask with pore control and refresher. I am also going to have them do your nails. You’ll be getting a french pink and white set for now. Later will come the full massage.” He stuck his head out of the door. “Ah Hah!” he practically squealed as another blond wheeled in a smaller cart and small stool with strange instruments for the manicure and pedicure.

“Where are you going?” she asked in trepidation.

“I”ll be back to check on you, darling! I’m just going to get you penciled in for the rest of the necessities. Lay back and enjoy!” As he walked out, the braided blond slapped a coat of green minty scented warm sludge onto Liise’s face. she immediately leaned back and sighed.

Let the pampering begin she thought as she dozed in the chair.


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