Vegas Baby part 4

13 Feb

“Let me get this straight Miss Lethers, you don’t own a single evening gown?” Mr. Sands looked like he wanted to tear his hair out. What little he had left anyway. “Do you at least have a cocktail dress?”

“No sir. Considering that you never invite me to any of the office parties, I haven’t had the chance to really need to own something like that.”

“Fine. When you get to Vegas, Find yourself something nice to wear. I made a list of the things I had a feeling you would need. Just add cocktail dress to it. You have a budget on things like this, keep that in mind. I expect you to treat Mr. Peter Holt with the utmost respect and attend to his needs as he requests them. Do you understand me? I do not want to hear about any unhappiness on my clients part.” he leaned back in his chair and eyed me up and down. “Something has changed about you. Your figure seems different.”

I felt the heat rise in my face as I remembered the tight corset. How could I forget? The damned thing was successfully cutting off my air supply. “Sir, I would appreciate if you could give me just enough respect as to not comment on my figure.”

“Oh, can it Lethers. You and I both know that you’re a smart girl. I am telling you this not as your boss, but as a man. I needed someone who wouldn’t be a distraction to the clients, but it wouldn’t kill you to take the time to make yourself look just a little beautiful. I know its in there somewhere. I’ve seen you at the Christmas parties. You know how to do it. You just don’t do it often. Well, I’m telling you to put some effort in your looks, but not too much.” Mr. Sands stopped and sighed. For once, he looked genuinely concerned. Too bad it was about my looks and not my work. “People all want to think that looks aren’t important; that its what’s inside that counts. Well I hate to break it to you, but that’s a bunch of bullshit fed to us by a bunch of pansy ass sensitive babies. You want to be successful Miss Lethers? You have to look the part.”

“I understand, sir.” I gritted between clenched teeth.

“Now get out of here and don’t make me regret giving you this promotion.”

I sat in my little window seat on my Boeing 747 headed to Las Vegas and said silent prayers for patience. I hated flying but it was more of the cramped seating, the turbulance, and the overall waiting. I couldn’t help hoping that Brea would be able to meet me in Vegas. She would make everything better.

In the mean time, I had my laptop set up on my tray and I was busy creating a schedule. It was a typical busy Friday flight and I was attempting to not elbow my seatmate. The man was in his mid fifties and scrawny as a scarecrow. He had a thick white tuft of hair on his head and simple wire glasses on his face. He seemed nice but then he was asleep and I was making every attempt to keep him that way. The last thing I needed was a chattering seatmate on this crappy flight.

Number one on my To Do list was to check in then go shopping. I had promised I would call Brea as soon as I got in, and to email Mr. Sands to let him know that everything so far, was running smoothly. Tomorrow, I was expected to meet Mr. Peter Holt and his entourage at the airport with a limo. The limo had been secured by the new admin that had replaced me and now worked for Mr. Sands directly. She seemed nice, if not a few enchiladas short of a combo plate. It was the only thing I allowed her to do, since I was already panicking from this trip.

I had planned a series of comprehensive meetings as well as some very nice dinners and outings for the clients. I wanted Mr. Holt to feel pampered. I did a little research and heard he liked golf, so I set up some time on TCP on the Canyons. It’s supposed to be a pretty posh golf club that hosts the Las Vegas Invitational. It would also give me some time alone to catch my breath on Saturday. I had a lot to get done and so little time to do it.

The man next to me stirred in his sleep then promptly rested his head on my shoulder. Well there went that. I closed my laptop and rested my head on the cool window, dozing as the plane made its way over the California desert.

I was woken up by the flight attendant, lightly calling to me. We had landed and everyone was off the plane. I apologized, which she kindly dismissed, and made my way off the plane.

McCarran International Airport is one of the most unique airports I had ever seen. It was huge! There were slot machines just outside each of the gates. I immediately turned on my phone and called the car company that was supposed to pick me up. I stepped out into the baggage claim area, just past security and saw my last name written on a large white card.

“Miss Lethers?” the woman said. She was in her late twenties and dressed in a black suit with a chauffeur’s cap on her head. Her short blonde hair was tucked behind her ears and barely touched her chin. She much taller then me and reminded me of a model that should have been working as an admin in my office. That thought changed the moment she smiled at me and I saw the intelligence in her eyes.

“Hi. I just got off the phone with your boss. I was asking where I was supposed to meet you. I’ve never been driven around before.” I smiled warmly at her and she returned it in earnest.

“No biggie. I’m Maggie and I’ll be your driver for the weekend. Since your company has pretty much made it clear that you were going to need a driver all weekend, I was sent. Don’t worry, your in perfectly capable hands.” I walked beside her as we made our way to the special short term parking area that housed all of the taxi lines as well as the limos. I stopped as she stepped up to a black limousine and opened the back door.

“There’s got to be some mistake. I am pretty sure we asked for a sedan.”

“I was told limo all weekend. If you want, I can make a call and we can switch it. Although, I do have to admit, arriving in style to the Bellagio can really be a blessing. Trust me.” she flashed a secretive grin that made me want to laugh. I could tell she was one smart cookie and I just had to trust her in this. I stepped into the limo and sat down in the black plush leather seat. “The bar is stocked if you would like a drink and if there is anywhere you need to go to, you just press that button there. It connects to me in the front. Are you comfortable?”

“Oh my god Maggie, this is beautiful!” I sat awed at the lavished comfort surrounding me. I was soaking it in like a sponge! “I want to check in and see my room but I need to do some shopping. It seems my boss has decided I don’t look snazzy enough for our clients.”

She laughed at that. “You look fine to me. I am guessing you mean the ones we pick up here tomorrow, right?”

“Yep. Those are the very ones. He pretty much told me to go buy something pretty for myself. He’s lucky I didn’t slap him.” I immediately felt comfortable with Maggie. She made me laugh and I liked that.

“Well here.” she handed me her card. “that’s my cell number. When you’re ready to go shopping, just call me and I will meet you out front of the hotel. Okay?” I nodded as she grinned and shut the door. The limo cabin was lit with pretty blue lighting. My head had already started to throb from wearing the thick tresses in a tight bun. I was going to have to take it down as soon as I settled into my room.

In no time at all, the limo was weaving in and out of traffic, heading straight for the main strip. Las Vegas Boulevard. I couldn’t help sliding across the seat, trying to see everything I possibly could. I was floored by the daytime beauty of Las Vegas. Everything about it was exactly like I thought it would be. Even though it was a Saturday, the streets were teeming with people.

I stared as we passed the Tropicana Hotel, The Excalibur Hotel, And New York New York. I couldn’t believe the architectural wonders that passed us by as we drove. The MGM Hotel was massive and green as can be! Its giant LCD screens advertised concerts and prize fights. As we sat at a light, I let the window roll down fully just so I could stare in full tourist mode at the Monte Carlo. It’s sleek and expensive look screamed European money and class. We passed the highly exotic Caesar’s Palace and I sat in awe when we stopped in front of the Eiffel tower. The Paris Hotel was so amazing, with its classic historical look and that tower; that outstanding tower! As we turned into the Bellagio, I felt myself get excited. My heart thundered in my chest as I watched the beautiful water show as we passed it to pull into the limousine drop off area. Just as Maggie pulled up and parked, my cell phone rang loudly in my purse. I pulled it out and saw Brea’s name across the screen.

“Hey! Are you gambling up a storm yet?”

“Oh my god Brea! It’s so beautiful here! I can’t even believe it. I wish you were here. Are you coming out?”

“Nope. Not only am I broke as a joke, but works got me tied up all weekend. Those jerks don’t give a damn about my personal life.”

“What life? Stop acting like you have this huge life.”

“Har dee har har. Okay so since I can’t make it out there, I am determined to make sure you have a good time. You will go buy yourself a hell of a weekend wardrobe on the company dime, drink yourself silly and get pampered!” Brea was so crazy when it came to trying new things. I was always to scared and she was always pushing me. But as I stood there and stared at the giant stained glass flowers hanging from the ceiling of the Bellagio check in area, I couldn’t help but feel free. A freedom I had never felt before. I was completely alone in Las Vegas! It was time to let my hair down.

“Hey Brea, I have to check in, let me call you when I’m shopping. Yes, shopping. Oh, and by the way, you wouldn’t believe what I had to wear today, that black silk corset. Yeah stop laughing.” I hung up while she choked on laughter on the other end of the line. I had to admit I had outstanding cleavage popping out of the collar of my suit jacket, but that didn’t excuse the lack of air.

“Yes, I think its time to live a little.”

“You got that right sister.” a man in a Hawaiian shirt and khakis said as he passed me by. I couldn’t help but giggle as I waved bye to Maggie and checked myself in.


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