Vegas Baby part 3

13 Feb

“Gah! What did you do?!” I yelled at Glubglub, my cat, as I found her chewing on my last good pair of stockings. “You evil ball of fur!”

It was the morning of my flight and I was so nervous, I felt like I was going to throw up. My flight left at 12:15 pm and I needed to be at the office by 10:00 am for my final packet on the client. I was to have a quick word with Mr. Sands, show him my outfit, then be off to the airport to catch my plane.

I started to tear through my drawers looking for another pair. God I hated pantyhose but my best suit was a skirt suit. I had to wear pantyhose with it. I knew that Mr. Sands would have a heart attack if I didn’t. I found two more pairs only to have each run giant racing stripes down my legs as I fought with them.

At the bottom of my “never wear again” drawer I found a pair of black silk thigh highs.

“I could wear these.” I muttered to myself picturing them rolling down as I went through security. Then I saw it. Sitting in the back of the drawer, hidden with the rest of my collection of lingerie was a set of garter straps. It would have to do. My bags were already packed and organized. I just had to finish getting ready.

I sat in front of my floor length mirror and gently pulled on my thigh highs. They were an old addition to a Halloween costume a few years back. The garter straps attached to a black corset that I wore as my blouse that night. I was coerced into being a cancan dancer by Brea. She was the same and we were supposed to be a showstopper. It was for about five minutes, then everyone realized that the plump cancan girl with the nice legs was a wallflower. At least now I was going to get some use out of the costume.

I sifted through the drawer and pulled out the black satin corset. It was rumpled and folded into the side of the drawer. I hadn’t worn it since that night of the party and I wasn’t looking forward to lacing it up myself. There were large metal hooks and eyes on the front and a thin but strong black cord lacing up the back. The last time I attempted to lace this thing, Brea was working the lacings and I just hung on for dear life. Now, I had to find a way to lace it up, alone.

Just kill me now, I thought as I stared at the size tag. It was a size 36D and I was no longer in that lovely little range. I was a 38D now and that was pretty much a struggle as it was. I threaded the lacing through the grommet holes in the back, leaving it nice and loose. I tied the ends together at the bottom in a small but tight knott and pulled the lacings to hang from the middle holes. I wrapped the corset around me and hooked the front closures.

I pressed my chest against the wall to keep the corset from falling to my ankles before I could get it laced tight enough. I watched in the mirror behind me as I pulled the laces tighter and tighter. Hell, I might as well have a nice figure with this, since I was going to be stuck wearing it on a plane and into Vegas.

“Oof!” I exhaled loudly as I wrapped the laces around my waist and tied them into a small bow. “Shut up, you.” I grumbled at my cat as she stared at me from her favorite pillow on my bed. I could barely breathe but I had to admit, I looked different. I pulled my skirt on and pulled out the wrap around top. I was actually lucky that the set had a wrap top. I was able to adjust it to my new waist size. I dabbed on some light makeup and pulled my hair back into a bun.

I hurriedly slipped on my heels and took a cursory glance in the mirror before running out the door. I was lucky enough to have a lovely old lady for a neighbor who was willing to come in and check on Glubglub while I was gone. The trip was only for the weekend starting today, Friday and ending with me flying back to Seattle on Monday morning. I threw my one bag into the car drove straight for the office.


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