Vegas Baby! part 2

12 Feb

“So what are we doing for your birthday, Liise?”

“Nothing. Mr. Sands gave me my first assignment today.”

“So? Hey! Let’s do an all night Joan Crawford movie fest! It’ll be fun!”

“No you don’t get it Brea . I won’t even be in town. I was so looking forward to just hanging around and doing nothing for my birthday and now that pompous jerk has taken that away too.” My best friend Breanna Stravinsky and I were two peas in a pod. We both loved classic film noir and we both secretly read romance novels like they were going out of style. We looked completely different but it was like we were two halves of the same soul. While I lived out my boring days in Seattle , she was having the time of her life in Los Angeles. Her company had relocated her there six months ago and I hadn’t felt complete since. She was supposed to fly out for my birthday but that’s all changed now.

“Ya know, for being a promoted girl, you don’t sound really happy. What did that creepy old man do now?”

“I told him I was taking time off for my birthday two months ago. This morning he pulled me in his office to tell me that my plans had to be changed. He’s sending me off on my first business trip to sin city!”

“Holy crap you’re going to Vegas on the company bill?! That’s outstanding!”

“No its not! I don’t want to go to Las Vegas ! I want to sit around with my best friend and watch Joan Crawford go psycho with a can of cleanser, damnit!” I was furious! Of all times, why did it have to be that day? I was turning twenty five years old. The big two five. Mr. Sands knew it was important to me and since I had only a week to get used to my new position, I thought everything would be okay. Who knew he was throwing me to the wolves this early?

He was sending me with the corporate credit card and setting me up in a posh hotel so I could meet some new potential clients and keep them happy for a weekend in the city of temptation. I had never even been to Las Vegas. He told me to arrive a day early to familiarize myself with the best places to take the client. He even told me he would excuse a little spending as long as it benefited the client. I felt like slapping him.

“Okay you know what? You need this trip. You need to go have a good time and let your hair down! Liise, you’ve been depressed for too long now. I miss you terribly too but you can’t become a complete recluse.”

“I’m not a recluse! I do the exact same stuff I would be doing if you were here, except it would be done with you. I don’t want to go to Vegas. I don’t know how to entertain rich men. I know now why I was hired for this position. I’m no threat to having anything underhanded happening. He can rest assured that I won’t charge a freaking night at the strip club on his tab. I’m a freaking glorified gofer!”

“So what? It pays well, you get to travel and you don’t have to pay for a dime of it. Just enjoy it. Ignore your crappy boss and enjoy the fact that maybe while you’re in Vegas, you can get a nice massage… have a spa day as soon as you get there! Do a little shopping on his tab. Tell him that you have nothing that would be appropriate to wear in front of such a high class client. He’ll totally go for it.” Brea took a deep breath into the phone and I knew she was worried about me. I was never one to take the initiative to party or do what other people find as fun. I was always reading, writing, or crunching numbers. Its all I have ever done.

“Okay. I guess your right.” I reluctantly conceded. Maybe she was right. “I might as well enjoy the spa. I guess I’m going to Vegas.”

I ended up making a deal with Brea . If she could get the funds together to switch the ticket, then she would meet me in Las Vegas and stay with me in my room. Unfortunately she had bought the flight ticket months ago at a discount price and was barely scraping by in LA. I would have offered to pay for the upgrades but I hadn’t gotten paid at my new rate yet so I was still pretty damned poor.

I was taking a business flight and Mr. Sands had asked me to dress in my best outfit so he could see how I would look when I met his new potential clients. I thought it was a bit far fetched to ask, but since he pretty much told me I had carte blanche on the spending, I obliged.


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