Vegas Baby! Chapter 1

12 Feb

Chapter One

“Miss Lethers, could I see you in my office please?”

“Yes Mr. Sands.” I released the speaker button on my phone and immediately broke out into a cold and clammy sweat. Mr. Sands usually took a stroll out to my cubicle to accost me for the day. He was strict, severe and always followed the rules. The only time anyone was called into his office was to be fired.

“You wanted to see me sir?” I said as I peeked my head in past the half opened door.

“Yes, please come in and close the door behind you.”

Oh crap. Oh Jeez. He’s going to fire me. I just know it!

“Liise; can I call you Liise?”

“Um, sure.”

“Have a seat. I want to talk to you about your current job.”

I sat in one of the plush leather visitors chairs he had scattered in the room. Panic started to bubble up in my chest, making it hard for me to breathe.

Please God, don’t let him fire me. I need this job. I thought as he fiddled with papers on his desk and situated himself for the big “talk”. He sat back in his expensive black Valentino suit. Mr. Sands was a forty eight year old middle aged balding man who hated his socialite wife and ignored his spoiled children. He had very fair skin and light blue eyes that almost always held an icy stare to them. Not only was he the owner of Horowitz & Schermer Accounting Firm, but he was also my direct boss. He liked to reside over all of the admins that worked in the office because he thought of himself as quite the ladies man. I thought of him as disgusting. But my opinion didn’t count. I was hired on a fluke. Every other admin in this office looks like an ex model, just the way this fast talking rich man liked them.

I couldn’t lose my job now, I just couldn’t! After three years of working as an admin in their bullpen, I thought I deserved more. Last year, instead of raises, management, being Mr. Sands, gifted us with fifty dollar gift cards at The Gap. Sure, we all felt a little gypped. Okay, a lot gypped; more like completely ripped off but no one had enough guts to say a word.

The only reason I was still here was to be able to list Horowitz & Schermer Accounting Firm on my resume. I was hired by one of the junior executives and did so well in accounting and organization, they decided to keep me; no matter what I looked like. The longer I lasted, the better off I was. The company alone was an outstanding foot in the door to bigger and better places, or even to start my own accounting firm. Deep down inside, I wanted to be a top financial analyst.

“Liise, you’ve been with us quite some time haven’t you?”

“Yes sir.” The sweat trickled down my back, pooling at my belt.

“Do you think you’ve done a good job?”

What he hell kind of question is that? “Yes sir, I do. I work hard for your firm, sir.” I tried my best to hide the indignation in my voice. He was up to something, I could feel it.

“How important is this job to you?”

“Very important, sir. Not only do I need it to survive but I feel proud to say I work here.” That was a tiny lie. Pride for this job died two months after I started working, when I had heard one of the execs laughing with another exec around a hallway corner. To my disgust, they were saying how much they missed the previous admin before me. It seems, their words not mine, that she was hot enough to fry their eggs. Jackasses. They had said I was too nerdy and mousy for them.

“I have a proposition for you.” Mr. Sands said with a wry smile on his face that made me immediately raise my eyebrows. “I want to promote you. I have a new position opening up in Marketing and New Accounts. It’s a hefty raise. I see that your resume shows you did quite well in your previous job before we took you in as an admin. You have a healthy amount of experience in marketing and it would be good for the company to have one such as you handling this position.”

“One such as me, sir?” I was in shock. The bastard was promoting me! I didn’t know whether to be ecstatic or angry. After three years of slaving away, doing most of his and his execs’ work while they played golf and hid their mistresses, I was finally getting promoted.

“Well, yes Liise. You see, I’m going to be frank with you. This position is going to be working directly with new clients. Meeting the top executives of many successful companies takes a sort of…” he paused and tapped his forefinger on his chin. “finesse; professionalism. I needed to find someone who I knew would be utterly professional in all types of situations. Being as you seem to be the type of young woman who doesn’t, shall we say, indulge too much or take too many risks, I thought you would be perfect. You have just the qualities we need.” His smile wilted as he saw the expression on my face.

“So you are giving me this raise and new position because I’m a nerd who has no outside life.” I shot the words at him dryly. I immediately regretted the comment. I needed the money so bad I couldn’t turn him down but it didn’t change how furious I was.

His face went into immediate lockdown and he stared at me with his icy shrewd business eyes. “Yes, that would be it, but that’s not the only reason. Inherently, you are the most qualified to handle this job.” He didn’t seem all that thrilled to be giving me the this position, but the fact that he’s hired nothing but sharks and models, maybe I was the most trustworthy employee he had. “If you choose to take it, that is. Please, take your lunch to think it over.” He handed me a packet and went back to the papers on his desk. I took his ignoring me as a hint that I was dismissed and left his office confused and slightly feeling sick.


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