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The Fallen War

10 Apr

I had this idea that spilled into my mind… and now I am wary to post it.

 Maybe I should just post the intro. I don’t know.

Okay Damned if i do and Damned if i don’t!

 The Fallen War

The Fallen War is the great war between the gods. It was a time when the gods themselves fought amongst each other sometimes to the death. It started when Set the Egyptian god of Chaos threatened Hades the Greek god of the Underworld. It was a petty argument over wine and women that turned into a fierce battle of the Gods. At first few gods took sides and some even attempted to end the feud.  But after time passed, more and more gods fought amongst themselves. The heavens were thrown into turmoil and war was declared.


During the war, humans could do nothing but stand by and watch as the skies rocked with the battles above. Some battles were even brought down to earth and fought in full sight of the humans. Forcing humanity to witness the battles of the gods, created dissention in the world. People knew not what to believe as they watched their mythical gods of fairy tales and bedtime stories tear each other apart.


The war finally ended when the goddesses of love stood together on the massive battlefield of Summerland and begged for peace. As they stood in the midst of the raging battle, each goddess was accidentally taken down by flailing weapons. On that day, a catastrophe happened. The spirits of the goddesses of love fell to earth as each of their bodies were murdered. Everyone stopped at the screams of the dying goddesses.


Thus deemed the Fallen War, as the world no longer knew the joyous laughter of love.